Our Projects

A Tradition of Excellence in Roofing and Custom Metal Applications

W. A. Lynch Roofing specializes in commercial, industrial and residential roofing as well as custom metal design and installation. Our quality installations enhance the appearance, value and maintenance efficiency of any property. While primarily servicing customers in the central Virginia area, W. A. Lynch Roofing has engaged in special projects throughout the eastern United States from Maryland to Florida. We take pride in roofing the right way with the right materials.

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The Founding Fathers of Virginia Roofing

We like to think of ourselves as one of the founding fathers of the modern roofing industry in Virginia.  It’s no surprise then, that we have completed projects on many architecturally significant buildings.  We recently completed re-roofing the historic Rotunda at the University of Virginia.  Designed by one of our nation’s founding father’s Thomas Jefferson, the Rotunda is one of only three modern man-made sites in the United States internationally recognized and preserved as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Our charge in working on the Rotunda was to preserve history for the future.  Similarly, our charge to you is to preserve your property investment with a roofing solution that ensures its attractiveness and effectiveness well into the future.  We work with you to achieve your construction and building objectives.