Our Suppliers

Partnering to Provide the Best Performing Roofing Materials

We work with manufacturers that provide high quality products. Take a look at the list of manufacturer’s we use with direct links to their own product information, accessories and warranties.

Commercial Products


The industry leader in single-ply systems, Carlisle is our primary supplier for commercial roofing. Whether you’re looking for EPDM, TPO, Fleeceback, PVC or Green Roofing, Carlisle has the product that does the job.

Fibertite Membrane

Engineered for high-profile roofs, the 4-layer FiberTite technology synthesizes nearly twice as much fiber to yield a tougher, more flexible, durable and longer lasting roofing membrane.


Offers a wide range of single-ply systems, from its EPDM line of VersiGard Roofing Systems, to state-of-the-art, thermoplastic line of heat weldable VersiWeld Roofing Systems.


With a wide product offering that includes single-ply, metal and asphalt-based system solutions, Firestone provides eco-friendly roofing system options and unsurpassed warranty coverage.

Sheet Metal Products

W.A. Lynch Roofing’s can fabricate and install metal from sheet and coil stock, including Copper, Zinc, Terne Coated Stainless Steel, Galvalume, Stainless Steel, Terne, and FreedomGray Copper.

Our primary supplier for sheet and coil metal is:

N.B. Handy

N.B. Handy is one of the leading wholesale distributors of commercial roofing products, sheet metal and sheet metal fabricating equipment.

Sheet Metal System Manufacturers


Fabral is the premier supplier of metal roofing and siding for agricultural, post frame, architectural, industrial, commercial and residential applications with over 30 different profiles and a wide variety of popular finishes and substrates.


Sentrigard provides a complete line of architectural metals, high quality roofing materials and accessories that provide superior control and flexibility to meet the most demanding construction schedules.


Englert has a comprehensive line of metal roof systems and the most technically superior paint line in the industry. With 16 architectural and structural metal roof profiles and 28 colors, Englert can add beauty, classic styling and durability to your roof project.


MBCI is the industry leading manufacturer of metal roof and wall systems. MBCI metal product solutions include single skin metal panels for metal roof applications, six standing seam roof systems, insulated metal panels and retrofit roofing systems.

Residential Products

Buckingham Slate Company

A Virginia company; chances are if you grew up in or went to school in Virginia, chances are you’ve been under a Buckingham Slate roof.


Manufacturer of clay roofs since 1888, Ludowici clay roofs are renowned for their beauty and durability, backed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty.

Gladding McBean

Combining old world craftsmanship with the latest technology, Gladding McBean is a leader in providing architectural terra cotta facades fro some most historical landmarks worldwide.


EcoStar is the leading manufacturer of sustainable, environmentally friendly steep-slope roofing products using recycled rubber and plastics technology.


DaVinci synthetic roof tiles offer the most realistic and durable composite slate and shake shingles on the market.


Architectural roofing shingles by GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, “bring the color of America Home.”

Gutter & Snow Retention Products


Fabricated in copper, aluminum and galvanized steel, Berger makes highly crafted K-style roll-formed gutters that protect your roof from water roll-off.


Offered in aluminum or brass, S-5 snow fences are designed to manage snow migration on standing seam metal roofing. Their clean lines, cylindrical shapes, color-fast and high-tech appearance make these snow guards the favorite choice of architects and roof designers.